Rat Removal in Aurora

Rat Removal in Aurora

How Icon Pest Ideally Provides Rat Removal in Aurora

At Icon Pest, we believe the ideal approach to rat removal in Aurora is with traps strategically placed throughout your home, business, or area of infestation. All possible entry points will also need to be assessed and properly sealed in order to prevent re-infestation.

We value humane and eco-friendly treatment options for rat removal and do not recommend the use of poisons. Over time, the rats will ingest this poison and then die in areas you don’t see. This will eventually cause a foul smell in your home and possible staining, turning one problem into another.

Step 1: Contact us for rat removal in Aurora. We can schedule a service inspection within 24 hours and will provide you with a quick, no-obligation quote.

Step 2:  An expert from Icon Pest will thoroughly inspect your house, gardens, outdoor areas and any other location we suspect rats may be infesting. 

Step 3: Once the issue has been properly assessed, we identify locations where rats are breaking in. We seal any holes and cracks with screens and/or glue.

Step 4: Then we install traps and provide any needed treatments for safe rat removal in Aurora  from your home or business. 


Rat Removal in Aurora
Rats Spread Diseases Without Proper Rat Removal in Aurora

Rats Spread Diseases Without Proper Rat Removal in Aurora

Rats’ urine and fecal matter contaminate surfaces, food and even the air. Once dry, the fecal matter and any diseases or viruses it’s carrying can be breathed in. In addition, inhaling dust particles contaminated with rodent droppings and urine can transmit a disease known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. These droppings can remain infectious for up to a full week. 

We understand how distressing it can be to discover a need for rat removal in your home or business. On top of the sheer idea of rats being in your living space and the nuisances and damage they cause, these rodents also pose a real health threat to humans due to their ability to spread harmful or even deadly diseases, bacteria and viruses. Rats have been known to spread many diseases worldwide. 

Some of these diseases and viruses include:


Lassa Fever

Lymphocytic Chori-Meningitis




Lugo Hemorrhagic Fever

Sylvatic Typhus

Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever

Monkey Pox

Rat -Bite Fever

If you are at all worried that you may have contracted a disease that is caused by rats due to a rat infestation in your home, you should speak with a healthcare provider right away.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from disease is to keep rats out of your home and employ Icon Pest for proper rat removal in Aurora.

Rat Extermination vs. rat removal in Aurora

A well-experienced pest control expert will be able to diagnose a rodent infestation, track and determine the level of infestation and develop a customized solution to fit your unique situation, budget and needs.  Pest control companies mostly rely on extermination techniques and the use of poisons to kill rodents in your home. This technique does not suit all situations and all clients.

At Icon Pest,  we offer eco-friendly treatments and do not recommend the use of poisons and harsh chemicals to kill rats in your home.  After all, if you do not remove all the rodent carcasses from your home, a foul and unpleasant smell will take over your home in no time.

We have a variety of techniques to suit your budget and needs.  We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours and provide you with a hassle-free and no-obligation quote. Before you make a decision on the treatment plan that is right for you, call Icon Pest to learn more about our options for rat removal in Aurora. 

Common Hiding Spots for Rats
Steps to Prepare for Your Rat Removal in Aurora

Steps to Prepare for Your Rat Removal in Aurora

While no preparation is necessary, you can help prepare for your rat removal in Aurora by taking a few steps to support your experts at Icon Pest get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Prep the kitchen: Put away any food in the kitchen or around the house. Keep it in air tight containers or inside the fridge. Throw out any food you think may be contaminated. Stow away any items you can around your kitchen, on your counters and around your stove. Clear the sink of dirty dishes.
  • Clean: Vacuum and sweep your house. In addition to taking out all of the trash, make sure all trash cans have secure lids. Clear away any clutter and put away any unnecessary boxes or bags. The less places the rats can hide the better.
  • Note rat sightings: Make a list of any areas you’ve seen rats or any signs of them. This will help your Icon Pest expert better target their trap and bait locations to where the rats are most active.
  • Dispose of droppings: When you find rat feces or urine it’s important to immediately and carefully dispose of it. It can carry various diseases and should not be handled with bare skin. Use gloves and disinfectant spray.

Your Icon Pest expert is ready for your rat removal in Aurora no matter what condition your home is in, but these measures can help make the job a little more efficient. 

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