Rat Removal in Newmarket

Rat Removal in Newmarket

How We Do Rat Removal in Newmarket

At Icon Pest we ensure thorough rat removal in Newmarket. We inspect your home or business as well as the surrounding area. Once access points for these pests have been identified, we seal all holes, cracks or voids with strong metal screens or glue. 

For the next step, we believe in a humane, eco-friendly approach. Some companies, or DIY homeowners use poison to rid their space of rats. Aside from the danger this can pose to small children or pets, ultimately this often creates more problems down the road as the rats die in hard to reach places and you don’t see them. This results in a horrible stench, possible staining and more work, sometimes even extra professional help. 

Instead, we install traps with bait to lure the rats for removal. We then humanely dispose of any captured rats. Your home will be rat-free before we leave the property, but we do suggest repeating rat removal in Newmarket every six months to ensure no new entry points have occurred as rats are always looking for ways inside warm, food-filled places.

Call the professionals at Icon Pest. We have the right knowledge, tools, and expertise to provide you with exceptional rat removal in Newmarket.

Rat Removal in Newmarket
Where Might You Require Rat Removal in Newmarket

Where Might You Require Rat Removal in Newmarket

We’ve provided rat removal in Newmarket in all kinds of places: 

Air ducts
Junk piles
And storage boxes..just to name a few. 

If there are rats, we can rid you of them. 

An infestation in one area can, and will likely, spread to another. So it is important to call Icon Pest for rat removal in Newmarket as soon as you see any signs of rat infestation in any area of your property or business.

The Cost of Improper Rat Removal in Newmarket

The cost of rat removal in Newmarket is minimal compared to the damage a rat infestation can cause, especially with a little bit of time. There are three ways rats cause damage:

  • Droppings
    Rat feces and urine can contain a number of infectious diseases and viruses harmful to humans or your beloved pets. People can become infected when they eat food that has been contaminated by the rats, or touch rat urine or feces or come in contact with their nesting materials and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth. These droppings can remain infections for around a week and can even cause allergic reactions in some people.

    Furthermore, once dry, the fecal matter and any diseases or viruses it’s carrying can even be breathed in, one reason it is particularly harmful if your infestation is in your ventilation system.

    With enough time, rat urine can build up and cause what will appear to be water damage in your walls or ceiling.  
  • Teeth:
    Rats teeth are so strong that they can cut through materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, concrete and even steel. This means nothing in your home is safe from their destruction. They will chew on weatherstripping, vent covers, wires, and structural beams. Just imagine the damage that can be done if they chew through a water pipe to make way for their nest. They  will also chew on stored items in your home, causing the need to replace them.

    Rats have been known to chew through live wires, causing short circuits or even worse, sparking house fires. An estimated 20-25 percent of fires from unknown origin are caused by rodents.

    The holes they create can even be used by other pests, further worsening your infestation problem. 
  • Claws
    Rats use their claws to dig up insulation and other materials for their nests. Rats will scratch at furniture or other fabrics, causing extensive damage to your belongings. You may even find claw markings on your walls. Using their claws they can climb walls and other areas to further spread disease and fecal matter. Rats can also spread disease by scratching your skin. 

Keep your family, your home, and your pets safe by calling Icon Pest for your rat removal in Newmarket.

The Cost of Improper Rat Removal in Newmarket
Why Hire Professional Rat Removal in Newmarket

Why Hire Professional Rat Removal in Newmarket

Just setting a few traps or laying down poison will not solve your problem with rat removal in Newmarket.

Rat removal comes down to a few basic things:

  1. Proper property assessment 
  2. Proper trap placement 
  3. Proper bait
  4. Proper sealing of entrance points

The key word is “proper”. Improper rat removal will only leave you with a larger problem down the road and most likely more money out of your pocket. Hire Icon Pest for your rat removal in Newmarket and get it done right the first time quickly, and at a reasonable cost.


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