Rat Removal in Oakville

Rat Removal in Oakville

Our Approach to Rat Removal in Oakville

When it comes to rat removal in Oakville we always advise calling professionals like us at Icon Pest who have the knowledge, tools and expertise to properly rid your home or business of rats.

At Icon Pest, we use  humane, eco-friendly trap and bait methods to rid your home of rats. Other extermination companies or homeowners trying to save a few dollars use poison for rat removal. This often results in more problems later on as the rats ingest the poison and die in hard to reach places. When you don’t find them right away, the result is a horrible stench and possible staining. 

When you call us at Icon Pest, we start by thoroughly inspecting your buildings both inside and out. We seal all possible rat entry points using screening and glue. We then install traps with bait to lure the rats for removal. Our professionals humanely dispose of any captured rats and always make sure your home is rat-free before we leave the property after finishing your rat removal in Oakville. 

Rat Removal in Oakville
Extensive Damage Without Proper Rat Removal in Oakville

Extensive Damage Without Proper Rat Removal in Oakville

The damage caused by a rat infestation can be incredibly costly if your rat removal in Oakville is not done properly, especially if left for some time. There are three main ways rats cause damage:

  1. Teeth:
    Nothing in your home is safe from the destruction of a rat’s teeth. In fact, they are so strong they can even cut through concrete and steel. Rats teeth are so strong that they can cut through materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, concrete and even steel. This means nothing in your home is safe from their destruction. The cost incurred from replacing any items in your home like contaminated food, clothing or furniture is minimal compared to the cost of the damage they can do to your weatherstripping, vent covers, wires, water pipes and structural beams.

    In a worst case scenario, rats have chewed through live wires sparking house fires. Rodents cause an estimated 20-25 percent of fires from unknown origin.

    And of course, the holes they chew in your homes foundation, or window corners or various other areas can be used by other animals to further invade your home or business.

  1. Claws
    One of the first things rats will do when they invade your home or business is begin to build a nest. They use their claws to tear up insulation and other materials like furniture or other fabrics, causing extensive damage to your belongings. Claw markings on your walls are not uncommon as they can climb walls and other areas, further spreading disease and fecal matter. Worse yet, if they scratch your skin they can spread diseases or viruses to your family.

  1. Droppings
    Aside from making your home or business just feel dirty, rat feces and urine pose a huge health risk. It can contain numerous infectious diseases and viruses harmful to humans or other animals.

    People can become infected when they eat contaminated food, or touch rat urine or feces or come in contact with their nesting materials and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth. These droppings can remain infections for around a week and can even cause allergic reactions in some people. Rats’ fecal matter and any diseases or viruses it’s carrying can also be breathed in once dry.

    With enough time, rat urine can build up and cause what will appear to be water damage in your walls or ceiling. 

Keep your family, your home, and your pets safe by calling Icon Pest for your rat removal in Oakville.

Our Steps for Rat Removal in Oakville

Step 1: When you call for rat removal in Oakville we can immediately schedule a service inspection. We can provide you with a quick, no-obligation quote within 24 hours.

Step 2:  We will inspect your business, house, gardens, outdoor areas and any other location rats may be hiding. 

Step 3: Once the issue has been properly assessed, we identify the points of entry for these pests. We seal any of these access holes and cracks with metal screens and/or glue.

Step 4: After ensuring these pests won’t further infest your home or business, we install traps and any needed treatments for safe rat removal in Oakville.

Our Steps for Rat Removal in Oakville
Why DIY Rat Removal in Oakville is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Rat Removal in Oakville is a Bad Idea

It’s common to think you can simply place some traps or lay down poison to do your own rat removal in Oakville. But it’s not that easy.

Proper rat removal requires knowledge and experience of 4 basic things:

  1. Proper property assessment 
  2. Proper trap placement 
  3. Proper bait
  4. Proper sealing of entrance points

Proper removal of these pests is the most important thing to do in order to avoid having a bigger problem later on. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional pest control company like Icon Pest. We know the “proper” way for rat removal in Oakville and will get the job done right to prevent even more issues in the future.

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