Rat Removal in Pickering

Rat Removal in Pickering

The Humane Approach to Rat Removal in Pickering

We value humane and eco-friendly treatment options for rat removal and do not recommend the use of poisons. Over time, the rats will ingest this poison and then die in areas you don’t see. This will eventually cause a foul smell in your home and possible staining, turning one problem into another.

At Icon Pest, we believe the ideal approach to rat removal in Pickering is through humane and eco-friendly approaches. We recommend hiring our professionals to strategically place baited traps throughout your home, business, or other areas of infestation.

We do not recommend the use of poisons. Not only can they be dangerous for children and pets, but it’s likely you won’t find the dead rats until they emit a foul odor. Even then it can be difficult to locate these sneaky pests. This can cause even more problems for you and further frustration.

It’s also imperative to seal all possible points of entry to prevent further infestation. To the untrained eye, these accesses can be difficult to find. But with the experts at Icon Pest, you can rest assured that your rat removal in Pickering will be done quickly, correctly, and at a fair price.

Rat Removal in Pickering
Signs You Need Rat Removal in Pickering

Signs You Need Rat Removal in Pickering

There are some common, telltale signs of rat infestation you can look for to know when to call Icon Pest for rat removal in Pickering. Some signs you can look for:

  • Scratching or scurrying
    It’s likely that the first sign you’ll notice is a sound. Rats are not quiet animals. Their claws make scratching noises and you’ll often hear the pitter patter of their feet scurrying around in your walls, ceilings, floors or in your cabinets, especially at night.

  • Foul Odor
    Rat urine has a distinct smell. It is often described as smelling like ammonia and is a pretty sure sign that you have an infestation, as the more rats, the more urine.

  • Droppings
    Rats tend to follow the same paths, leaving feces along the way. These droppings look like dark grains of rice and can be found anywhere they are traveling but you’ll often notice them in your kitchen first.

  • Damage
    While looking for food and building their nests, rats will gnaw on a variety of materials in your home like papers, furniture, carpet, boxes, plastic items, just to name a few. But also be on the lookout for more extensive damage like chewed wiring, drywall, ceilings or other structural damage.

Call Icon Pest immediately if you notice any of these signs. We can come within 24 hours to assess your home or business and offer effective options for your rat removal in Pickering.

What Diseases Can Rats Spread Without Rat Removal in Pickering?

It can be very distressing to find out that you have a problem with rats in your home or business and need rat removal in Pickering, especially because they can cause a lot of damage and nuisance. Besides their destructive behavior, these rodents can also spread harmful bacteria and viruses to humans. Some of these disease and viruses include:

– Hantavirus

– Lassa Fever

– Lymphocytic Chori-Meningitis

– Tularemia

– Salmonella

– Leptospirosis

– Lugo Hemorrhagic Fever

– Sylvatic Typhus

– Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever

– Monkey Pox

– Rat -Bite Fever

Rats’ urine and fecal matter contaminate surfaces, food and even the air. Once dry, the fecal matter and any diseases or viruses it’s carrying can be breathed in. In addition, inhaling dust particles contaminated with rodent droppings and urine can transmit a disease known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Some of these diseases and viruses include:

If you begin to feel ill at any point during or soon after your rat infestation, speak with a healthcare provider right away.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from disease is to keep rats out of your home and employ Icon Pest for proper rat removal in Pickering.

What Diseases Can Rats Spread Without Rat Removal in Pickering?
What Customers Say About Icon Pest’s Rat Removal in Pickering

What Customers Say About Icon Pest’s Rat Removal in Pickering

Icon Pest has been providing high quality rat removal in Pickering for decades. With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, you’re sure to be happy with our services. Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say:

“I’ve been using ICON company for their services for years now and I just can say I love it since they are very professional and show care about their customers. So when you call them for help you get a response right away. They take their business very seriously. I have recommended this company to many friends and everyone was really happy with them. Thank you ICON.”

“They have done a FANTASTIC job. Friendly and Helpful attitude. Excellent service. Most importantly, affordable! In this pandemic when people are struggling financially, they charged us 50% less than (including tax) other companies. THANK YOU. I will definitely recommend!”

“Steve & Tyler, thank you so much. Just simply amazing Customer Service! No inspection fee was required. Not only reasonably priced but they always go beyond expectations. Once they both came in time, they knew exactly how to handle the situation and did some extra work for us that we didn’t ask for. He saw there was another issue and got it done!!!!!!

Highly recommend ICON Pest. Ask for Steve & Tyler!!!!!!!!”

We know you’ll be as pleased with our service as these clients when you hire Icon Pest for your rat removal in Pickering.

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