Rat Removal in Woodbridge

Rat Removal in Woodbridge

Why Do Rats Enter Homes, Requiring Rat Removal in Woodbridge

Rat removal in Woodbridge is necessary because rats are on a constant search for food and if you let them, our homes can provide an easy access to a consistent supply. 

Aside from the search for food, rat infestations are common in autumn because cold weather sends them searching for shelter, water, warmth and security from predators. 

The experts at Icon Pest can not only take care of the rat infestation you may have but they can also employ preventative measures to ensure that your home is properly sealed to avoid the need for rat removal in Woodbridge at all.

Rat Removal in Woodbridge
How We Handle Rat Removal in Woodbridge

How We Handle Rat Removal in Woodbridge

At Icon Pest, we believe in a humane approach to rat removal in Woodbridge. Some companies, or DIY homeowners use poison for rat removal. This can create a larger problem as the rats will often die in hard to reach places or you don’t find them right away. This results in a horrible stench and possible staining. 

With our approach, we begin by thoroughly inspecting your buildings inside and out. We then seal all possible entry points using screening and glue. We then install traps with bait to lure the rats for removal. Our professionals at Icon Pest will humanely dispose of any captured rats. We always make sure your home is rat-free before we leave the property. 

Rats are incredibly smart creatures who will always look for new ways to enter your home. So we suggest repeating rat removal in Woodbridge every six months.

It is best to call the professionals at Icon Pest, who have the right knowledge, tools, and expertise to give you exceptional rat removal in Woodbridge.

How to Prevent Reinfestation After Rat Removal in Woodbridge

After your rat removal in Woodbridge is finished, your Icon Pest professional will have properly sealed any entry points rats may use to get into your home or business. But this is only the first step. There are other things you can do to further prevent reinfestation. 

  • Housekeeping
    Proper housekeeping and sanitation practices won’t guarantee you won’t have problems with rats, but it’s definitely an easy next step to preventing it. Easy access to food attracts all kinds of pests. Don’t leave food scraps or waste lying out and keep all food in air-tight containers. Ensure that doors are windows are kept tightly closed and use screens on any that you want to remain open. 
  • Watch for access points
    Every now and then, assess your property for possible access points. Icon Pest will have previously sealed any entry points, but that doesn’t mean more won’t pop up in the future. Look for small holes, cracks, and other openings and seal as best as possible. 

Property maintenance
Keep any garden waste, firewood, or storage containers away from your home. These are perfect nesting areas for rats and the closer they are to your home the more accessible your home is to gain entry. Ensure that all garbage cans have lids and don’t keep piles of trash or junk in your yard.

What Customers Say About Icon Pest’s Rat Removal in Woodbridge
How to Prevent Reinfestation After Rat Removal in Woodbridge

What Customers Say About Icon Pest’s Rat Removal in Woodbridge

Icon Pest has been providing high quality rat removal in Woodbridge for decades. With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, you’re sure to be happy with our services. Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say:

“The service technician Matt was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  He answered all our questions and explained the pest control process. He used shoe coverings and was respectful of our home.  We would definitely use ICON again!”

“This is one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with! Ask for Steve Johnson! He arrived at the scheduled time and explained all of the necessary work. I called him the next day about an issue and he answered his phone and came back to address it. Their price was reasonable too! I’m very satisfied!!!”


“By far the best pest control business in the GTA. Steve came by to install a one-way door to remove a raccoon in my attic. He was incredibly professional, explained everything he was doing, and he did an amazing job! Look no further than Icon Pest for your animal removal needs! Thank you very very much Steve for your hard work! I hope you end up seeing this review!”


We know you’ll be as pleased with our service as these clients when you hire Icon Pest for your rat removal in Woodbridge.

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