Dealing with raccoon removal can be difficult, but it is important to address the issue quickly to avoid further damage and potential health risks. This post show you exactly 10 ways to deter, remove, and prevent Raccoons.

Let’s dive right in the solutions:

Raccoons can be a nuisance for homeowners, often causing damage to property and creating messes in search of food. To effectively deal with raccoons, it’s important to deter, remove, and prevent them from becoming a problem.

If raccoons have already become a problem, it’s best to contact a professional wildlife removal service to safely and humanely remove them from the premises. Attempting to handle raccoons on your own can be dangerous, as they may carry diseases and become aggressive when cornered.

To prevent future raccoon infestations, homeowners should consider installing motion-activated lights or sprinklers in the yard, as raccoons are nocturnal animals and are more likely to avoid well-lit or noisy areas. Trimming trees and bushes near the house can also limit potential nesting spots for raccoons.

By taking proactive steps to deter, remove, and prevent raccoons, homeowners can effectively manage and minimize the risks associated with these curious and adaptable creatures and create a secure environment. 

Make Them Feel Unwelcome 

When making raccoons feel unwelcome in your yard, you can utilize light and sound to deter them. It’s also helpful to eliminate any vegetation that might attract these critters. 

By creating an environment that raccoons find uncomfortable, you can encourage them to look for shelter elsewhere, reducing the chances of them invading your space. 

1. Use Light, Sound, and Water

To deter raccoons from your yard, consider setting up motion-activated lights and sound devices. These tools can make raccoons feel unwelcome due to their aversion to bright lights and loud noises. When raccoons encounter these sudden stimuli, they’re likely to retreat to a more peaceful location. 

Motion-activated lights are handy, as they turn on when they detect movement. This illumination helps reveal any raccoon activity in your yard, making the unwelcome guests uncomfortable and encouraging them to leave. 

Sound devices are another effective option. These gadgets emit noises that disrupt raccoons, making them uneasy and less inclined to stick around. When combined with the lights, they create a deterrent barrier that raccoons will prefer to avoid, safeguarding your property from unwanted wildlife visitors. 

Motion-activated sprinkler systems are also a humane and effective way to deter unwanted visitors, such as raccoons, from your property. These systems work by detecting motion through infrared sensors and then activating a sprinkler to emit a sudden burst of water. The surprise of the water spray startles the animals, teaching them to associate the area with an unpleasant experience and encouraging them to leave.

The advantage of motion-activated systems is their ability to provide 24/7 protection without the need for constant monitoring. They are also eco-friendly, using light, sound, or water as a deterrent rather than harmful chemicals or traps. Additionally, these systems are adjustable, allowing you to customize the sensitivity level and coverage area based on your specific needs.

Racoon Removal: Remove The Vegetation

2. Remove The Vegetation

To deter raccoons from hanging out in your yard, think about clearing away any vegetation. Dense plants and bushes can give these critters hiding spots and easy access to food. By getting rid of thick bushes, shrubs, and tangled areas, you create a less attractive environment for raccoons. 

Choose simple landscaping and avoid planting crops that raccoons love. Also, keeping your grass short can make it tough for raccoons to move around comfortably. Removing vegetation cuts down on hiding spots and limits their food supply, making your yard less appealing.

Install Deterrents

Planting cucumbers can help, as raccoons tend to avoid them. You can also use natural repellents like ammonia, cayenne, or vinegar to deter these critters. 

These methods are eco-friendly and can sometimes be effective in preventing raccoons from entering your property. 

3. Plant Cucumber 

Planting cucumbers strategically in your yard may naturally deter raccoons from entering your property. Raccoons are sensitive to the smell of cucumbers, which makes them an effective deterrent. By placing cucumber plants in your garden beds or near entry points, you can create a barrier that raccoons will avoid. 

The strong scent of cucumbers interferes with the raccoons’ sharp sense of smell, guiding them away from your home. Consider planting cucumbers along fences, near trash cans, or around vulnerable areas to create a natural raccoon deterrent. 

4. Utilize Repellents (this is a temporary solution) 

To deter raccoons effectively, use repellents like ammonia, cayenne pepper, vinegar, or specialized products made to keep these animals away. These scents are potent and can help make your property less attractive to raccoons looking for shelter or food. 

By placing these repellents strategically around your yard, you create an unwelcoming environment that raccoons will prefer to avoid. Remember to reapply these repellents regularly, especially after rain or every few weeks, to ensure they remain effective. 

Racoon Removal: Utilize Repellent

Make it Difficult for Them to Get What They Want 

To keep them away and find ways to get rid of raccoons, make it tough for them to reach what they want. Seal off any potential entry points on your property, secure water sources, lock up garbage cans, and get rid of food sources like pet food and fallen fruit. 

5. Close Any Access Points (this is one of Icon Pest’s exclusion methods!)

To protect your property from raccoons, regularly inspect and secure sheds, garages, crawl spaces, and attics to prevent these critters from entering. Consider installing a sturdy fence to make it harder for raccoons to access your space. Raccoons are clever and can exploit even small openings, so immediate repairs are essential. 

Use durable materials like wood or wire mesh to seal off any gaps or holes. Ensure that your garbage cans are tightly closed to avoid attracting raccoons looking for food. These simple steps can help deter raccoons from entering your property and reduce the chances of encountering these unwanted visitors. 

Contact us today and be on your way to enjoying a safe and peaceful home for years to come.

6. Cover Water Sources 

To deter raccoons from accessing water sources on your property, it’s essential to cover them effectively. Raccoons are attracted to water for drinking and foraging, so securing ponds, pools, and any standing water can make it challenging for them to find what they need. 

By tightly sealing water containers, covering swimming pools when not in use, and fixing any leaks or drips, you can reduce their incentive to stick around. Creating barriers that make water access difficult for raccoons is a straightforward yet effective way to discourage their presence in your yard.

7. Protect Your Garbage 

To prevent raccoons from getting into your garbage, secure your bins and remove any food sources in your yard. Raccoons are cunning and easily seduced by your trash, which can result in a mess and inconvenience. Invest in animal-proof bins or keep your trash cans locked indoors overnight.

Raccoon Removal: Protect Your Garbage

8. Remove Food Sources Like Pet Food, Trash Cans, Compost Heaps or Bins, and Bird Feeders 

To effectively deter raccoons, ensure you remove accessible food sources such as pet food, trash cans, compost heaps or bins, and bird feeders. Raccoons are drawn to easy meals, so by securing these items, you make it harder for them to find what they’re looking for. Keep pet food indoors, lock up trash cans, use sealed compost bins placed away from the house, and install bird feeders on tall poles with baffles to discourage raccoons.

9. Pick Up Fruit Fallen From the Ground 

To effectively deter raccoons, it’s important to promptly pick up any fruit that has fallen from the ground. Raccoons are attracted to fruit trees and bushes, and fallen fruit can easily become a tasty treat for them. By removing fallen fruit right away, you eliminate a food source that might draw raccoons into your yard. 

Get into the habit of regularly checking for any fruit that has dropped to the ground and disposing of it properly. This simple action can help make your yard less appealing to raccoons, reducing the chances of them causing trouble or creating a mess.

Use Professional Raccoon Removal Services 

If you’re dealing with raccoon problems that just won’t quit, considering professional raccoon removal services is a smart move. These experts have the know-how and tools to safely and efficiently handle raccoons on your property. 

10. Call a Professional for Best Raccoon Removal Ways

When dealing with raccoon infestations on your property, it’s best to seek professional help for effective removal. Professional raccoon removal services can safely and efficiently handle the situation without causing harm to the animals or your property. These experts have the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure a thorough removal process, reducing the risk of future infestations. 

Call a professional for best raccoon removal ways

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