Mice Removal Newmarket
Mice Removal Newmarket

Icon Pest and Wildlife Removal offices are located in York Region and we provide comprehensive pest control & wildlife control service, including mice removal in Newmarket.

With 25 years of pest management experience, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional service to York region residents. 

  • We have the expertise, knowledge and equipment to treat all your pest problems.
  • Our technicians are exceptionally trained, fully licensed and insured, giving you peace-of-mind that you are dealing with a truly professional company.
  • Our prices are fair and reasonable as we cater our treatment plans according to your budget. 
  • When it comes to dealing with mice, rats, critters or wildlife, you need a pest control professional who knows what to look for.  Our inspections are meticulous.  Our technicians go above and beyond to ensure we identify all rodent entry points throughout your property.

At Icon Pest, we act fast. We provide 24 HOUR emergency response services for mice removal in Newmarket because we appreciate the urgency of the situation. 

Icon Pest Technicians are committed to a full solution.  We will work with you to ensure the entry points used by these unwelcome rodents are blocked and sealed so you are protected from future infestations.

How to choose a company for mice removal in Newmarket

When it comes to selecting the right pest control company for your mice removal in Newmarket, here are a few basic principles to go by:

Customer Reviews MatterA quick online search will deliver a hundred pest control companies to choose from.  This can make the decision to hire a pest removal company very difficult to make. To simplify the decision, your best bet is to do your research. Customer service reviews are a good, reliable indicator of a business’s performance.

Experience Matters.  Trapping mice involves a good understanding of how mice behave.  If traps are not laid properly or the wrong bait techniques are used, you are guaranteed to leave mice and their nests behind which means the problem is not resolved correctly.  Rodents reproduce rapidly and if infestations are not addressed quickly, the problem can go from bad to worse in short order. 

Reliability Matters.  A truly professional pest control provider understands the urgency involved and responds in a fast, reliable manner.  Sadly, many pest control companies are known for missed service calls and failure to deliver on their promises. 

Price Matters.  You’ve heard the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’. When it comes to pest control, the cheapest price shouldn’t win.  Rather, the best value for the price should win your business. Icon Pest has an enduring commitment to provide “excellent work and excellent prices”. We refuse to be the cheapest price because we refuse to deliver cheap service. 

What do our customers say about our mice removal service?

At Icon Pest & Wildlife Control, we have earned our great reputation and are proud to share our customer reviews with you.  Our customers have been our best advocates.  Among the hundreds of positive customer reviews online, this is the common feedback we receive:

  • “very knowledgeable” 
  • “excellent and prompt service”
  •  “extremely effective” treatments
  • “Fast response”
  •  “work done promptly, properly and clean”


Are mice dangerous?

If you find partially eaten food that is suspicious or hear scampering sounds in ceilings or walls or find droppings in hard to reach / unusual areas, you may have a mouse problem. Beyond nuisance, did you know mice present a wide variety of health risks to humans? 

Mice are notorious for spreading disease. The feces that accumulates from mice spread bacteria, contaminates food sources and triggers allergic reactions. Breathing in dry fecal matter is hazardous to humans and droppings are known to spread diseases/viruses.

Mice also pose a significant property risk. Mice have a tendency to destroy insulation in attics. They chew through wallboards, cardboard, and wood causing expensive repairs.  Worse yet, they chew through electrical wiring which can pose a fire risk to your home and business.

As mice and other rodents reproduce quickly, once you discover a problem, the quicker you act the better off you will be.  Well-qualified, certified, and insured pest control professionals possess the experience, tools and know-how to quickly address a mouse infestation. 

You can certainly try to lay traps and bait by yourself.  There are many products available on the market for DIY approaches.  However, if you fail to fully trap the existing mice in your property and prevent future entry, you may end up facing a larger problem in the long-term. 

To resolve any type of rodent infestation including mice removal in Newmarket, please call Icon Pest at (647) 325 9060

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