Mice Removal Markham
Mice Removal Markham

Trust the experts at Icon Pest for the best mice removal service in Markham.

Icon Pest technicians are highly experienced, with 50 years of combined experience in all facets of pest control. Using safe, effective, and eco-friendly treatments and approaches, we can help eliminate your pest and rodent problem once and for all.

We have hundreds of satisfied commercial and residential clients throughout the GTA. Removing mice from your home requires both the expert use and placement of traps and bait stations and complete elimination of all of the entry points used by mice to invade your home or business.

Icon Pest delivers complete mice, rodent and wildlife removal and management services including affordable monthly & annual maintenance plans to ease your concerns and keep the problem at bay. 

Call us today at (647) 325-9060 for a free, no-obligation quote to treat your home for mice, rats or any other pest infestation concern.

What do our customers say about our mice removal in Markham?

Icon Pest is a proudly Canadian business delivering fast and effective mice removal in Markham and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We have the knowledge, skills, equipment and tools necessary to address a wide variety of rodent and critter infestation issues. 

We deliver quality work at excellent prices.  We are honest and transparent, presenting our customers with all of the service options available at prices that are very reasonable and competitive.  We have earned our outstanding business reputation and our online business reviews are exceptional.  

With a Customer Satisfaction Rating of 97%, our customer feedback includes:

  • “Highly Recommended”  
  • “Excellent prompt service”     
  • “Very Knowledgeable”
  • “Extremely Effective”     
  • “Fast response”
  • “Clean & Thorough”
Why hire Icon Pest vs. our competitors

Mice are recognized widely as both carriers and spreaders of diseases and viruses that are harmful to humans.  Exposure to their fecal matter and urine are problematic as they contaminate air and surfaces in areas where they live and roam freely. In fact, a disease known as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is spread by breathing in dust that is contaminated by rodent urine and/or droppings.

The Centre for Disease and Prevention (CDC) identifies mice as carriers of the following list of diseases.  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM), Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonellosis among others. 

Our success relies on our proven three step approach, as follows:

Step 1: Once you reach out to us, our team will schedule a mice removal service inspection within 24 hours and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote

Step 2:  An experienced Icon Pest technician will perform a thorough inspection of every area of your house and business, indoor and outdoor areas such as garages, storage sheds, gardens, and more to identify all possible entry points.

Step 3: Once we have identified all the possible entry points, we will set traps and deliver treatments required to remove mice and other rodents from your home or business, safely and efficiently.


How do you know if you have a mouse infestation?

Mouse and rat infestations are a common problem in the Greater Toronto Area. As these rodents are in constant search of food, our homes are an easy and accessible target for them.  

Mice are drawn to dark, inconspicuous areas within your home.  Most often, they are found in kitchen cupboards, cold rooms or cellars, garages and basements, or any area that is dark and easy to crawl into.  As nocturnal creatures, they tend to stay out of sight during our waking hours and come out to feed at night.  In a few of our service calls, we’ve even found mice hidden behind drywall. This is why it is important for a trained technician to seal up all the nooks & crannies being used by these pesky rodents.

While most home improvement stores and retailers will sell mouse traps, eliminating mice from your home or business is oftentimes more complicated than setting a couple of mouse traps. You may find yourself in the frustrating position of having the problem recur time and time again.

For a long-term solution, you need to identify and seal/block all the entry points being used by mice to enter your home or business.  This is the only real solution to this common problem.

Using poisons and chemicals is also not the best option. If you fail to capture the mice in your home and instead, kill them using poisons, their carcasses will remain hidden and will leave an unpleasant (pungent) smell behind.

Icon Pest offers eco-friendly treatment options that are proven effective, safe and humane. Contact us for mice removal in Markham at (647) 325 9060

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