Mice Removal North York
Mice Removal North York

Icon Pest delivers the best mice removal in North York- satisfaction guaranteed.

Decades of experience in the pest control industry combined with an exceptionally capable team of pest control technicians, allows us to deliver exceptional service & quality at amazing prices.

Our fully qualified, licensed and insured pest control experts are committed to performing thorough and clean jobs, ensuring our customers are happy to choose us for all their pest and wildlife removal needs. 

At Icon Pest, we are committed to our customers.  Having earned our 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating one happy customer at a time, we work tirelessly to build our business around the pillars of value, quality & service excellence. 

When you are faced with a rodent infestation, you need fast and reliable service.  At Icon Pest and Wildlife Control, we have a sense of urgency and mobilize quickly to solve your pest control issues. Once we receive your call, we will quickly schedule a comprehensive inspection service and provide you with a free, no-obligation service quote.  

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Mice removal North-york
How does Icon Pest deliver the best mice removal service in North York? 

Fast Response.   When you discover a mouse or rodent in your home or business, you need to act fast.  Mice reproduce quickly and need to be controlled before they spread to other structures on your property and your neighbouring properties.  We respond quickly, offer 24HR emergency services and get right to work when you need us.

Detailed Work.  Mice are famous for their ability to hide and stay undetected.  To make sure you track & bait the mice in your home, our technicians will need to know where to look and exactly how to bait mice. Our technicians are meticulous in their approach. We will perform a thorough inspection of your house, gardens, outdoor areas and every location we suspect mice are using to enter your home.

Effective Techniques.  Once our Pest Control Experts have identified all the cracks, holes and crevices mice are hiding inside your home, they will set multiple traps using a variety of baits known to capture these pesky rodents.  Our techniques are SAFE, Eco-Friendly and Humane.

Full Service.  Once you have rid your home of mice infestation, prevention becomes our focus.  We will work with you to block, seal and eliminate entry points and vulnerabilities in and around your property. 

What do our customers say about our pest control services?

Here is a list of a few common signs of rat and mice infestations:

  • Squeaking, gnawing, scampering or scratching noises in your walls, cupboards, ceilings and underneath floors
  • Suspiciously half eaten / bites to food products
  • Droppings in conspicuous locations
  • Signs of gnawing damage to surfaces and wires
  • Burrow holes around building structures
What to do once you discover mice

When you have detected mice in your home or suspect their presence, you need to act quickly. 

Rodents have notoriously rapid reproduction rates which means a small infestation will very rapidly become a larger problem.

The most important factor in eliminating mice from your home is identifying all hiding spots and nests. Mice are not simply a nuisance.  They pose serious health and safety risks to humans and property. Calling a professional pest control company is your best course of action.

When using mouse traps, you need to use the right bait for mouse traps to make sure you attract these pesky rodents. Armed with the tools, knowledge and expertise needed to track, bait and trap mice, a good pest control technician can efficiently remove mice from your property.

Strong prevention measures are essential. Eliminating entry points and proper housekeeping and sanitation practices won’t guarantee you won’t have problems with mice, but they can certainly provide a high degree of protection. Working diligently to find, seal and block all the various cracks, crevices and holes mice and other rodents can use to enter your property will work wonders in preventing future mice infestations.

For older buildings and structures where comprehensive insulation of the property against mice and rodents is simply not possible, routine pest control management services (every 4-6 months, on average) are appropriate and necessary.

Icon Pest offers a comprehensive mice removal service in North York.  To learn more, give us a call at (647) 325 9060

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