Mice Removal Woodbridge
Mice Removal Woodbridge

Relying on our decades of experience in pest control, Icon Pest & Wildlife Control uses effective mice detection, tracking and removal techniques to deliver proven mice removal in Woodbridge.

It takes more than laying traps to eliminate mice.  If all entry points are not sealed and protected, mice will return time and time again. A meticulous inspection of your property requires a trained professional who knows all of the areas mice and other rodents are prone to hide, nest and thrive.

During the colder winter months, mice seek out food and shelter more aggressively.  If your home or business is vulnerable to entry, chances are mice and other rodents will easily get into your property. To deny them access to your property is therefore your first line of defense against rodent infestations.

If you need any assistance with mice removal in Woodbridge, please give us a call at  (647) 325 9060

Mice removal Woodbridge
Mice removal woodbridge
How do I protect my home and business from mice?

Mice and rats are nocturnal which means they come out at night. They are in perpetual search of shelter and food, therefore mice and rodents must be discouraged and controlled by being denied access to food and shelter.  Here are some preventative measures you can take to prevent mice and rodent infestations in your home and business: 

  • Proper Sanitation is Critical. Follow good housekeeping routines, do not leave food scraps lying around and keep pet food dishes clean.
  • Be Diligent. Keep your eyes open for holes, cracks and other potential access points around your home. Covering holes and cracks and other potential access points around building structures is essential.
  • Store Away Firewood – away from the sides of sheds and fences, and off the ground and regularly remove garden waste from your property.
  • Maintain garbage and compost bins free from holes and avoid leaving meat scraps in compost.
Why choose Icon Pest for mice removal in Woodbridge?

With 25+ years of experience, Icon Pest’s team of professionals have earned their reputations as among the best in the business.  We serve hundreds of residential and commercial clients throughout The Greater Toronto Area and we have outstanding customer reviews. We deliver cost-effective solutions to customers seeking mice removal in Woodbridge.

Our valued customers have first-hand experience with mice and rodent infestations and recognize us for delivering exceptional service. We are prompt, reliable and very well-priced.  

At Icon Pest, highly skilled & knowledgeable pest control technicians will conduct a meticulous inspection of your property.  Knowing where to look for mice and their nests, they lay properly baited traps to capture these unwelcome pests. 

Pesticides and poisons that kill mice present the risk of leaving dead carcasses behind on your property.  Rotting carcasses are not only undesirable, they can attract other critters to your property.  We recommend eco-friendly and humane trapping techniques.

Once our highly skilled technicians have confidently captured and removed mice from your home, we will work diligently to seal & block the cracks, crevices and holes mice are using to enter your property.  In some cases, if all entry points cannot be reasonably eliminated, we provide ongoing pest control management services at highly reasonable prices for your added peace of mind.

For a free, no obligation estimate for mice removal service, please call Icon Pest at (647) 325-9060.  We deliver 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE at no extra cost to you! 

What is involved in our professional mice removal service in Woodbridge?

If you have detected evidence of mice in your home or business, you will need to act quickly. Due to their rapid reproduction rates, a relatively small infestation can quickly become a larger problem that poses serious health & safety risks to humans and property.

Step 1:  We schedule a service inspection and provide a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

Step 2:  A licensed and insured Icon Pest technician will perform a thorough inspection of your property (including gardens, outdoor areas/buildings) rodents commonly used to enter your home or business.

Step 3: We establish ‘trapping stations’ to safely and efficiently remove mice and other rodents from your home or business, once and for all. 

Step 4:  We will seal, block and cover holes, cracks, and crevices mice and rodents used to enter your property in the first place.

Mice removal woodbridge
What are common signs of a mouse infestation?
  • Mouse droppings
  • Suspiciously eaten / bites to food products
  • Signs of gnawing damage to your property
  • Burrow holes around building structures
  • Squeaking, gnawing, scampering or scratching noises in your walls, cupboards, ceilings and underneath floors

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