Mice Removal Bradford
Mice Removal Bradford

Hiring the right Pest Control company for mice removal in Bradford can be a difficult process. There are dozens of companies to choose from and it is hard to know which company has the best services at the best prices.  

Not all pest exterminators and pest control companies are created equal.  Many lure clients with low price offer but do little to actually solve the problem at hand.

ICON PEST is a well-respected Canadian company with 25 years of proven experience in the pest control field.  We have outstanding customer reviews and serve hundreds of clients all across Ontario, including reputable commercial businesses and large housing development landlords.

Our core business values are Quality, Value and Transparency.  When you partner with Icon Pest, you can expect professional results, highly affordable prices and beyond the service of your expectations.  

Learn more by calling us at (647) 325-9060 We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free, no-obligation service quote that meets with your expectations and budget. 

Why hire ICON PEST for mice removal in Bradford?

Our technicians are exceptionally experienced in the field of mice control.  

  • We employ proven-effective mouse extermination, trapping and mouse-proofing methods.
  • We empathize with the challenges and pains involved in discovering mice in your home or business.  When you reach out to Icon Pest, we respond quickly and can schedule an inspection within 24 HOURS.  
  • We perform highly detailed and comprehensive inspections of all interior and exterior areas to ensure we identify all mouse activity along with their entry points into your home and business. 
  • We have a variety of proven treatment options including humane, eco-friendly and highly effective trapping techniques.
  • We will identify, block & seal vulnerable entry points to help you prevent future invasions and perform any follow-up service & maintenance checks as needed.
  • We have earned our 97% Customer Satisfaction Reviews one customer at a time.  We are committed to building on our success by continuing to deliver Exceptional Service to our valued customers.
Do mice spread diseases?

Mice are recognized widely as both carriers and spreaders of diseases and viruses that are harmful to humans.  Exposure to their fecal matter and urine are problematic as they contaminate air and surfaces in areas where they live and roam freely. In fact, a disease known as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is spread by breathing in dust that is contaminated by rodent urine and/or droppings.

The Centre for Disease and Prevention (CDC) identifies mice as carriers of the following list of diseases.  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM), Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonellosis among others. 


Mice removal bradford
How do you know if you have a mouse infestation?

Some of the Warning Signs of a mouse infestation include:

  • Faint or strong ammonia scent: Mice urine frequently and their urine has an ammonia-like odour.  A strong, easily detectable odour is a common indicator of a major infestation.
  • Discovering mouse droppings:  Resembling small grains of rice, mouse droppings can be found anywhere from the inside cupboards and cabinets or along floorboards and underneath kitchen appliances or near a water heater. They are drawn to heat sources.
  • Scratching or scampering Noises (mostly at night):  Mice are nocturnal and active at nighttime.  If you hear strange noises in your walls, ceilings, flooring or from underneath cabinets/furniture/appliances, that is a good indicator of mice.
  • Chew marks or mysteriously damaged food packaging: In search of food and while making nests, mice chew through paper materials, boxes and thin plastics.  If you discover unusual paper scraps in dark, inconspicuous corners, it can be evidence of a mouse nest under construction.

Depending on the level of a mouse infestation, some or all of the above signs may be present. A thorough and careful inspection of the nooks & crannies of your home is needed to determine whether mice have broken in or if another rodent, critter or wildlife is the cause. A well-experienced pest control technician knows the signs of a mouse problem vs. other rodent or wildlife break-ins and can solve the mystery fast and efficiently. If you have questions or concerns regarding common household pests or need professional mice removal in Bradford, call us at  (647) 325 9060 

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