Mice Removal Thornhill
Mice Removal Thornhill

Icon Pest provides comprehensive wildlife control and mice removal in Thornhill. Whether you are facing a mouse or rat infestation, suspect raccoons or squirrels in your roof or need to solve the ‘funny noise mystery’ that’s keeping you awake at night, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to solve the problem. 

Decades of experience in pest control and hundreds of happy clients give Icon Pest an edge over others.  We are a trusted name in the pest control industry simply because we consistently deliver professional results at affordable prices.

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Wondering if you need professional mice removal service in Thornhill?

Icon Pest’s pest control team will respond quickly to eliminate your pest problems efficiently, humanely and safely.  We deliver excellent wildlife control and mice removal service in Thornhill.

If you suspect mice or other rodents have broken into your home or business, don’t waste precious time and money. Wasted time and resources on ‘diagnosis’ can be time used by these rodents to proliferate and spread. Additionally, the wrong traps and baits can be wasteful. For instance, a rat trap will be too large to capture mice and vice versa, a mousetrap won’t capture rats effectively.  

When it comes to pests, knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle.

The house mouse is a common pest to urban areas and has characteristics that distinguish it from other mouse types and rodents, including rats.  They have large ears and light brown to dark grey colouring, the lighter colour is located on its belly. 

In contrast, the deer mouse is brown or grey colour with a white belly and feet.  The easiest way to identify a deer mouse is to look to the underside of its tail where it will be white. Deer mice most commonly invade structures near woodlands and fields.  

A rat is larger than a mouse, weighs more and has different habits and abilities, preferring to infest attics, rafters, roofs, and upper stories of buildings.

While many homeowners turn to DIY trapping and removal of mice or rats from their homes, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional pest control expert to save time & money.

Commonly used mouse baits

Mice are drawn to high-calorie foods including peanut butter, candy and chocolate and therefore, these are commonly used baits when trying to capture them. They are also highly attached to pet food and kibble and grains and cereals. This is why damage to these food packages is often a tell-tale sign of mice in your home.  

To build their nests, mice require soft materials including yarn, cotton balls and paper materials. Nest materials are sometimes effective forms of bait for these creatures. 

Baiting mice effectively requires a thorough inspection of your home to identify their path of travel. To stay undetected, mice tend to travel along walls making setting traps along walls good practice.  Bear in mind that to ensure your traps and bait are effective at catching mice, the right amount of traps need to be set up strategically along their travel path.


How do you know if you have a mouse infestation?

Mice and rodents are city-dwellers and widespread. In their pursuit of food and shelter, they will look for opportunities to enter your property.  If you fail to follow recommendations to protect your home and business, you are at risk.

Mouse-proofing your home and business mean getting rid of easy and multiple entry points. 

Mice and rats can squeeze into small holes easily.  Small gaps under doors and around windows, foundation cracks or improperly sealed dryer vents are examples of common access points into your property. 

Here are some prevention tips:

  • Inspect the perimeter of your home, car garage and outdoor structures such as sheds 
  • Stuff steel wool around pipes before caulking & plastering
  • Using metal weather stripping for your doors and windows
  • Patch cracks in your building foundations
  • Use mesh metal screening to cover dryer vents, attic vents, and soffits 
  • Above all, eliminate the temptation:  Easy access to food is a key driver of mice and rodent infestations.  Follow good sanitation and housekeeping practices to manage the risk and keep food properly stored and contained.

Pest control is not limited to eliminating a problem once it has occurred. Rather, prevention is a key component of general risk management.  A good pest control company knows this fact and advises homeowners and business owners of areas where they are most vulnerable to future infestations.  For professional mouse removal service, please call Icon Pest & Wildlife Control Mice Removal Thornhill at (647) 325 9060

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