Mice Removal Oakville
Mice Removal Oakville

Icon Pest provides cost-effective, timely, quality guaranteed mice removal in Oakville.  We are a widely respected and trusted name in pest control and our team are the top professionals of their field. 

Stop wasting your hard-earned money and valuable time on products and businesses that fail to deliver results.  We stand behind our service promise and guarantee our work. 

We use only tested & proven methods for mouse tracking, trapping, removal & prevention so you can put your pest issues behind you, once and for all.  With a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating, Icon Pest has earned its reputation as among the best pest control companies of Ontario. 

Do you really need a pest control company?

Mice reproduce very fast and are extremely clever at concealing their nests from human detection.  During our Canadian winters, mice seek out hiding spots from their predators and reliable food sources.  Your home becomes their perfect target.  Highly secretive and adaptable, mice have mastered the art of hiding.  Mice can often be found:

  • In dark and secluded corners of cluttered rooms, garages, storage sheds or attics
  • Inside mechanical equipment (heat sources in particular)
  • Near heat sources such as water heater closets
  •  Inside and underneath kitchen appliances, kitchen/ bathroom cabinets and drawers
  • Inside desks and upholstered furniture
  • Inside cardboard boxes and exposed storage bins
  • In cracks, crevices and voids found in walls or ceilings
  • Underneath kitchen appliances and inside appliance mechanical equipment

You could try to find and capture mice inside your home but that may involve a lot of your time and energy.  And at the end of the day, you may still miss a few nests which means your problem isn’t really resolved. 

Ultimately, a great pest control technician is a person of detail.  You cannot eradicate your mouse infestation unless you locate each and every nook and cranny where mice may be hiding.  At Icon Pest, we pride ourselves on excellent attention to detail and extremely thorough inspections.   

Why should you select Icon Pest for mice removal in Oakville?

Our mice removal service in Oakville is highly affordable and less than most other pest control companies.  We don’t claim to be the cheapest provider of pest control because when it comes to mouse and rodent infestations, you don’t need cheap and empty promises – you need a solution that works.

When you call Icon Pest with your mice concerns, you can rely on us to:

  • Act quickly: We provide 24HR emergency response free of charge
  • Price competitively: We provide 100% transparent service pricing to suit your budget
  • Inspect thoroughly: Our technicians know mice and their habits.  They know where to look for mice and their nests.  They will inspect your entire property to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to tracking the source of entry. We don’t take short-cuts.
  • Trap & remove effectively: Laying traps and bait is an art form.  With decades of experience and an enduring passion for what we do, we will diligently set traps that work to capture mice and other rodents safely and humanely.
  • Deliver long-lasting solutions: Once the existing mice are removed, you need to create a barricade against future invasions.  Icon Pest technicians will seal & block entry points in and around your property – the only real protection available against future rodent invasions.



How to find out if you have mice in your home or business 

Here are some common warning signs of a mouse problem:

  • Do you hear mysterious squeaking, scampering, gnawing or scratching noises in your home?  Strange noises that feel like they are coming from the walls, cupboards, ceilings of from underneath your floors
  • Have you spotted small droppings (usually 1/8” to ¼” in length) that look like grains of rice?
  • Have you found damage to surfaces and wires that appear like they are from gnawing or chewing?
  • Have you discovered burrow holes around your home or other building structures like sheds? 

Even if you have not spotted a mouse with your eyes, any of the above point to a potential mouse infestation. While there is no need to panic – there is a need to act quickly.

Mice proliferate rapidly and pose serious health threats to humans.  They are also known to cause property damage and risk (i.e. chewed wiring linked to electrical fires) which must be avoided before they become costly and dangerous.

If you have questions about mice infestations or want to discuss treatment options, give Icon Pest & Wildlife Control a call at (647) 325 9060.  We are your trusted source for mice removal in Oakville.


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