Mice Removal Richmond Hill
Mice Removal Richmond Hill

Fully licensed and insured with 25+ years in the pest control business, serving hundreds of commercial and residential clients throughout the GTA, Icon Pest & Wildlife Removal delivers fast, effective and affordable mice removal in Richmond Hill.

Committed to service excellence, we work hard to ensure you feel you have made the right decision when you choose to work with us.   We recognize you have many pest control company options.  And while we do not profess to be the cheapest price on the market, we know we deliver excellent results and service at highly competitive prices.

We have a 97% satisfaction rating on reputable customer review websites.  But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to do your own research, so you feel absolutely confident that you have selected the best pest control partner for you.

How do we provide the best mice removal service in Richmond Hill?  

Our technicians are highly trained in mice control.  We employ proven effective mouse trapping and mouse-proofing methods.

  • We fully understand how difficult it is to discover mice in your home and your health & safety concerns. When you reach out to us, we will respond quickly and schedule an inspection within 24 HOURS of your call. 
  •  We will perform a detailed and comprehensive inspection of your indoor and outdoor areas to make sure we identify all the possible threats to your home and business. 
  • We will use eco-friendly and highly effective trapping techniques that are humane and safe.
  • We will identify, block & seal the entry points to prevent future problems and conduct follow-up maintenance checks as needed.
  • Your satisfaction is a top priority at ICON Pest & Wildlife Control.  Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Why hire ICON PEST for mice removal in Richmond Hill?

Mice present health & safety risks to homes and businesses and left to their means, they can cause additional property damage as these rodents are known to chew wiring and cause costly home repairs. For these reasons, when mice are discovered in your home or business, it is critical they are removed as quickly as possible.

At Icon Pest & Wildlife Removal, our technicians are highly skilled at identifying mouse infestations, know where to seek out the nests and how to effectively eliminate them from spreading. Working with us, you can rely on the following:

  • Competitive Prices:  We offer prices that are highly affordable and competitive in the marketplace
  • Highly Experienced:  Our technicians are true professionals in their fields.  They perform thorough and clean service and are always committed to Customer Satisfaction.
  • Fast, Reliable & Effective:  When you discover mice, you need them removed as fast as possible.  We respond quickly, perform highly thorough inspections and work to eliminate your current mouse problem in addition to preventing future problems from happening.

Do you think you have a mouse infestation? Call ICON PEST & Wildlife Removal to schedule your inspection today. (647) 325 9060

How do you track mice?

When it comes to protecting your home or business from rodent infestations, proper sanitation and good home maintenance practices are paramount. Easily accessed food & food waste combined with easy entry points make mouse infestations inevitable. But even with proper sanitation practices and routine cleaning, you can still have a mouse infestation in your home and business.

If you suspect mice are in your home, an exhaustive inspection of your home (indoor and outdoor areas), including all the hard-to-reach places that mice like to use to build their nest, is necessary.   This can be difficult to do as a mouse nest can be located anywhere inside, underneath, or near your home – anywhere they can find protection from predators and insulation from severe temperature changes. 

Common places to look for mice and mouse nests include:

  • Drawers and cupboards and spaces/voids under floor cabinets
  • Cracks or Openings in Walls and Baseboards
  • False ceilings and ceiling cracks
  • Refrigerator motor compartments and voids under other kitchen appliances 
  • Garages & Sheds (hidden under clutter)

Our professional team of pest control technicians will know where to look for mice and mouse nests and how to set the best traps to capture them. They will help you seal the cracks & openings (where possible) to prevent these uninvited house guests from returning.  For mice removal in Richmond Hill, please contact Icon Pest at
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