Mice Removal Scarborough
Mice Removal Scarborough

Icon Pest is your source for effective, affordable and guaranteed mice removal in Scarborough.

We have been providing residential and commercial pest control solutions to hundreds of happy clients for 25 years and counting. If you are experiencing a problem with mice and need urgent service, give us a call at (647) 325-9060

We provide a 24- hour emergency response at no extra cost to you.  Mice infestations are a serious problem that affects thousands of home and business owners throughout the GTA. Icon Pest control technicians have a true sense of urgency and mobilize quickly to solve your pest control issues.  

When you hire Icon Pest for your mice removal in Scarborough, you can expect:

  • Excellent Prices
  • Highly experienced, Fully Licensed & Insured Technicians
  • Fast, Reliable & Effective Service

We are fully trained, equipped and licensed to tackle the removal and control of mice. Call us today and one of our trained technicians will visit and inspect your property to deliver a customized solution.

How do we provide the best mice removal in Scarborough? 

Decades of experience delivering mice removal in Scarborough and the broader GTA make Icon Pest a reliable and trustworthy pest control partner. 

Mice and rats are common pest control problems in Canada.  Our cold weather conditions send mice scurrying to hide from their predators while securing a reliable food source, and as our neighbourhoods have become more concentrated and developed, we have become an ideal food and shelter source for these rodents. When you call Icon Pest with a mice infestation problem, our team mobilizes quickly as we offer a 24-hour emergency response.   

Our technicians have worked in the pest control industry for many years and know their craft inside and out.  Our success is based on our core business values of quality, value and transparency.  

Our pricing is straightforward and highly competitive.  There are no gimmicks, or tricks.  Full transparency is something our customers have come to rely on when working with us.

The quality of our work is what has earned us incredibly high customer satisfaction rating year over year.  Our work is thorough, clean and meticulous as we go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.

We understand how disruptive it is to discover mice in your home or business.   In addition to being a painful nuisance, mice present real health threats to humans as they have historically been responsible for the spread of deadly diseases, bacteria and viruses.

Using proven techniques, humane practices and industry-grade tools, Icon Pest & Wildlife Control technicians deliver the most valuable service of all –  peace of mind.

Common hiding spots for mice

When it comes to effectively removing mice from your property, your approach to the problem is critical. Knowing the most common places where mice, rats and rodents like to nest, and hide is very important. Mice reproduce rapidly and are clever at hiding their nests from humans. 

Common hiding spots for mice include:

  • In cracks, crevices and voids found in walls or ceilings
  • Near heat sources such as water heater closets
  • Inside or underneath kitchen & bathroom cabinets, drawers and desks
  • Underneath kitchen appliances and inside appliance mechanical equipment
  • Inside cardboard boxes
  •  Underneath and inside upholstered furniture
  • In dark, hidden and secluded corners of cluttered rooms, garages, storage sheds or attics

Given mice are so clever at hiding, the strategic placement of mouse traps is therefore very important. An experienced pest control technician will know where to place these traps and more importantly, the different types of bait to use to cleverly tempt these sneaky rodents towards these traps.

Mouse prevention tips

Removing existing mice from your property is only the first step in the process. The real work of an experienced pest control professional is narrowing down the vulnerable entry points throughout your property.

Many customers are frustrated to learn that in just a few weeks or months, mice have returned to their property. In order to permanently rid yourself of a mouse issue, prevention is key.

  • Maintain a clean and tidy property. DO NOT leave food scraps and waste lying around.
  • Keep your eyes out for voids, holes and other potential access points around your property and seal and block entry as best as possible
  • Keep garden waste, storage bins/boxes and firewood away from the sides of your home or elevate them above ground
  • Maintain your property in a good state of repair.  Cracks and crevices leading into your home present mice invasion opportunities. 

A capable and honest pest control company will properly seal and protect your home and property from future mouse and rodent invasions.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a mouse infestation, it is always best to hire professional control experts to do the job. 

For mice removal in Scarborough, please do not hesitate to call Icon Pest & Wildlife Control at (647) 325 9060

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