Hire Skunk Removal Services in Etobicoke
Skunk removal in etobicoke
Skunk-proofing your home 

Restricting easy access to food can be a big step in the right direction. If you’ve had issues with skunks invading your home and needed professional skunk removal in the past, we suggest you try and follow these simple practices to protect yourself from future invasions:

  • Keep sheds and garage doors closed, in particular, overnight when skunks are active.
  • Keep your household garbage and compost inside your garage until garbage removal day
  • Use tightly-fitting and secured lids on garbage to limit easy access
  • Do not leave pet food dishes outside overnight
  • Repair fence breaks and openings
  • Block crawl spaces and seal the perimeter of decks and porches



Why are skunks drawn to your home or property?

 The general rule of thumb suggests that where there is easy access to food, pests and wildlife will find a way!  In other words, without knowing it, you may be attracting skunks and invasive pests and wildlife onto your property and leaving yourself exposed to their threats. 

Ultimately, skunks are ‘opportunists’ and they will find and seize opportunities where they exist.  

If your property has multiple points of entry that are easily accessible by wildlife, there are some preventative measures you need to take to dissuade them from setting up residence.  Other routine activities such as leaving pet food dishes outdoors or having large woodpiles on your property present food and shelter opportunities for these creatures. 

Exposed and accessible food waste in unsealed garbage poses a threat.  Female skunks in particular seek out protected and warm areas to give birth and decks and porches with accessible clearance are appealing skunk dens.  The good news is there are many preventative and protective measures available that are affordable and easy to implement. 

At ICON PEST AND WILDLIFE CONTROL, our service extends beyond wildlife removal as we go the extra mile for our customers to develop sustainable and long-term solutions for their wildlife challenges.  

Hire Skunk Removal Services in Etobicoke

Icon Pest & Wildlife Control has a well-developed and proven multi-step program that works!   Give us a call anytime at (647) 325 9060 or email us at info@iconpest.ca and we will quickly and happily provide you with options and pricing related to skunk removal in Etobicoke. 

At Icon Pest, we use a 100% safe, effective and humane approach to fully remove skunks from your property and take all the necessary preventative steps required to wildlife proof your home and business from wild animal intrusions. 

Our highly trained wildlife experts rely on decades of experience to properly analyze the habits and behavior of a variety of wildlife before developing customized trapping and removal plans that suit your unique situation. 

Our team is very responsive and knowledgeable.  We use only the best and most effective skunk removal techniques.  We come equipped with the right tools and equipment to deliver viable and long-term solutions to keep your property wildlife-free. 


How do we conduct Skunk removal in Etobicoke?

Skunks are clever and small creatures who are well adapted at hiding from their predators and evading capture.  Finding refuge in secluded, hard-to-reach places including underneath porches, decks and tight crawl spaces, removing them can be quite a challenge.

 At ICON PEST AND WILDLIFE CONTROL, we rely on a variety of techniques that are both humane and effective.  

  • These techniques include common practice bait & capture traps or a one-way door method that works to block the skunk or raccoon from re-entering once it leaves its den to seek out food.  
  • Equally important and what is often missed by other pest control companies in the knowledge of all the ‘low hanging fruit’ or in other words, all the easy points of access to your home and property.  For example, the use of heavy-duty and affordable meshing can be very effective at blocking key entry points for wildlife. 
  • Proper relocation and disposal of captured wildlife are equally important to deliver a long-term solution.  An experienced wildlife control professional must perform a full and thorough inspection of your property to gain a full perspective of the problem. 
  •  Without a comprehensive understanding of property vulnerabilities and actions to secure them, the job is half-done and the problem is likely to continue.

When deciding on the right company to address your skunk removal needs, we recommend you look to experience and positive customer reviews as a measure of their quality.

The Icon Pest & Wildlife Control team has decades of combined experience in pest and wildlife control and exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings. 

For peace of mind, quality service at competitive prices, give us a call at (647) 325-9060

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