Hire Skunk Removal Services in Scarborough
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Hire Skunk Removal Services in Scarborough

Given the risks, skunks pose to property, human and pet health, it is best to rely on a wildlife removal expert to bait, trap, and remove skunks off your property.   The nocturnal nature of skunks keeps them mostly out of sight during daylight and very active at night.  Because of this behavior feature, homeowners often don’t realize they have a skunk problem until there is an active skunk den on their property.  

If they are left to settle on a particular property, skunks can cause tremendous damage to lawns while they are in search of worms and grubs to consume. Holes measuring anywhere from 10 cm to 25 cm in diameter that is found under buildings, decks, porches, or woodpiles are tell-tale signs of a skunk burrowing on your property. 

Icon Pest and Wildlife Control team’s decades of hands-on experience empowers us to deliver fast, affordable, and proven-successful skunk removal in Scarborough.

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Why you should hire a professional for skunk removal in Scarborough

Skunks, like other wildlife, are attracted to residential areas simply because of the abundant availability of food, water, and shelter and they are often referred to as ‘opportunists’. They are widely distributed throughout Canada and can be found as far north as Nunavut. They are present on farm fields, grasslands, forests, and urban areas.  They are most active during spring and can become dormant during the colder months.  

As omnivores, skunks eat a large variety of foods including fruit, nuts, bird eggs, bugs, larvae, human waste and garbage, small rodents, dog or cat food, and more.   This is why deterring skunks from setting up residence on your property requires efforts that limit their access to food and shelter. 

There are a number of preventative measures that homeowners can take to discourage skunks from setting up residence but ultimately, these may not be 100% protection from skunk invasions.  As is the case with all pests and wildlife invasions, early detection helps to limit the damage to your property and ease the removal and elimination process. 

A wildlife expert has a deep understanding of skunk behavior and habits and can be a tremendous resource to you. A diligent and well-qualified wildlife control expert will also help you skunk-proof your home from future disturbances. For these reasons, hiring a professional to perform skunk removal in Scarborough is a wise and good investment. 


Keeping children and pets safe around skunks

Skunks are not known as violent animals.  As nocturnal creatures, they tend to steer clear of humans during daylight, feeling safe to feed and rummage at night. That being said, they have a tendency to scare easily, and should they sense a threat, they resort to spraying a noxious liquid to fend off their assumed attacker. 

Children and pets are most vulnerable to skunk attacks because of their natural curiosity.  To keep them safe from a skunk spray or full out attack, consider taking some precautions such as:

  • Keeping your dog(s) on a close leash at all times, especially during night time walks
  • Inspect your backyard and front yard for skunks  before letting your children play outside 
  • Diligently supervise your pets and children when they are outside
  • Never approach, feed, or try to pet skunks, including their offspring 

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Skunk-proofing your home 

Limiting access requires diligent property maintenance.   To keep skunks out of your property, preventative measures can be taken.  Preventative measures include:

  • Make sure your yard (front and back) are properly cared for and grub-free. There are treatments available at your local hardware store or garden center that can be sprayed to eliminate grubs. 
  • Skunks are repelled by certain odors such as citrus, ammonia, mothballs, and predator urines which can scare them off.  Placing orange or lemon peels around your yard can serve as a natural skunk repellent.
  • Skunks are not the greatest climbers and so to keep skunks and other invasive wildlife out of your yard, fencing can be quite effective.  

However, it should be noted that despite these efforts, skunks can still infiltrate your property to access food and shelter.   A well-qualified wildlife control specialist can serve to identify areas on our property that are attracting skunks and help you remedy them.  Ultimately, the outright relocation of these pesky creatures may be in order.  


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