Skunk Removal in Pickering

Do you need help with skunk removal in Pickering? Skunks can cause a lot of problems in your yard. They dig up yards with their sharp claws while looking for grubs (the larvae of Japanese beetles). They can also get into drainage pipes or wires while digging, causing even more than just aesthetic damage.

Skunks are roaming around and living in more and more neighbourhoods these days. On the positive side, skinks eat insects and small rodents, which are things that people consider to be annoying. But they also often get into the trash, making a mess. Additionally, skunks are infamous for their smelly spray!

Skunks find shelter under sheds, patios, and decks. They don’t usually climb, so they are generally on the ground. We don’t see skunks in high places.

Icon Pest has the experts you need to get rid of skunks from your property. Our professionals know all about animal biology and behaviour. We strive to be as humane as possible and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. We also understand that you need to protect your family and pets from danger; therefore, you can hire us to eliminate your skunk problem.


skunk removal in Pickering
skunk removal in Pickering
Skunk Removal in Pickering

Skunks burrow in various places, including porches, decks, drainpipes, fallen trees, piles of rocks and debris. If you see tracks, smell a musty odour, or notice holes around your yard, you probably have skunks around. Working with an expert like Icon Pest ensures that you get rid of your problems.

It is necessary to remove skunks since they carry diseases such as rabies. Since skunks are nocturnal, ones that wander around during the day most likely have rabies. Be sure to keep your distance if you see one. Additionally, aggressive skunks also most likely have rabies. There is no doubt that you need to call for help immediately if you see these two things.

We don’t always see skunks, but there is no doubt that we smell them! You can try getting rid of skunks by shining bright lights on them. They have sensitive eyes and usually run away from bright light. Changing up places where skunks find shelter, like under decks, patios or sheds, can get rid of them. Use mesh wiring to ensure skunks can’t enter these types of spaces.

But sometimes doing these things doesn’t help and you still have a problem. Additionally, if skunks get into your basement or crawl spaces, you need to get them out. Going head to head with a skink is not for the weak-hearted. Their spray is very intimidating.

If you notice or even suspect that skunk babies are living on your property, it is time to call in the professionals. Skunk kits, especially the females, stay in the dens for an extended time. So it could be hard to get rid of them if they aren’t out and about. Experts need to come in and assess the situation and create a plan to remove all young and adults.

How to Protect Your Property Against Skunks

There are some things you can do to deter skunks. Of course, you can contact us at Icon Pest, and together we can create and implement a personalized prevention plan.

  1. Treat your lawn for white grubs as skunks love to feast on these larvae.
  2. If skunks are eating from your garden, treat the area with a pepper-based repellent.
  3. Put up a wire mesh fence around your garden to keep skunks out.
  4. Dispose of garbage in metal or wooden trash cans so the tops can be tightly closed and not be opened by these pests.
  5. Attach your trash bin to a fence so skunks can’t push them over.
  6. Clean out your garbage can with bleach often so that its odour doesn’t attract skunks.
  7. Don’t leave out pet food since skunks will feast on it.
skunk removal in Pickering

Icon Pest Takes Care of Skunk Removal in Pickering

Is it time to get help with skunks on your property? Icon Pest offers same-day service for emergencies. We also offer a 100% warranty and money-back guarantee. Icon Pest is confident that we can help eliminate your wildlife problem. We are willing and ready to help you whenever needed! 

Get a free estimate here. Or call us at (647) 325 9060. If you are a first-time client, get 10% off any of our services! We work hard to eliminate your stress when it comes to wildlife and pests. 

Talk with us today if you are ready to make your property 100% skunk-proof against any future entries! We deal with all your issues concerning skunk removal in Pickering.

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