Skunk Removal in Markham

Do you need help with skunk removal in Markham? Not only can having a skunk on your property or in your home be annoying, but it can even be dangerous. The fact you can get sprayed or bitten by a skunk is a real problem. Hiring a professional always makes your life easier. Some things are better not to handle yourself!

Why are skunks pests? Their foul odour and their digging practice categorize them this way. Skunks often seek shelter under porches or porches. On some occasions, they end up inside a house, making it an actual emergency. In these instances, Icon Pest may offer same-day service.

Skunk removal can be dangerous. In most places, you must have a permit to set up a trap. Therefore, setting up traps is the job of a professional. To not deal with all the issues associated with removing skunks, call Icon Pest for all your wildlife extraction needs.

skunk removal in Markham
Skunk Removal in Markham

Getting rid of wildlife has to be a step-by-step process to ensure all animals are removed and that none ever return.

The first step is to conduct a thorough inspection of the property. After figuring out all the problem details, Icon Pest comes up with a plan of action. We want to restore order to your property, to return to life before the skunks entered!

After carrying out the plan, we will also work on preventative measures with you. We need to provide a follow-up plan to ensure your home is 100% wildlife-proof against any future entry. Our experts clean up after the job and take the necessary time to answer all of your questions. You hire us to make your life easier!

A Skunk in the House

If a skunk enters your home via your basement window, put up a wooden board at night to allow them to walk out. You can open the doors at night in a basement or garage in hopes of the skunks wandering back out into the natural world.

The Danger Skunks Pose

Skunks not only have a horrible smelling spray, but they could harm you. Skunks can scratch or bite people and pets when they feel threatened. They carry diseases and parasites and are a primary source of rabies in North America. For these reasons, professionals should handle these types of removals.

If you or your pet get bitten by a skunk, wash the wound with soap and water. It is a good idea to flush the wound out with water for a few minutes and then immediately seek medical attention. Bringing in the animal that caused the injury, dead or alive, would be the best option so that medical technicians know what they are dealing with in your situation. Skunks that are active during the day may be so because of rabies.


skunk removal in Markham

How to Keep Skunks Off Your Property in Markham

Prevention is your best bet when talking about skunks. Following some simple tips can save you from a lot of hassle. Remember that Icon Pest can help you come up with your specialized prevention plan.

  1. Keep all your garbage in bins with tight-fitting lids. Skunks enter neighbourhoods looking for food!
  2. Additionally, if you have organic compost bins, make sure those are also tightly sealed.
  3. Pick up all fruit that has fallen from trees. Skunks eat fruit! They may also get into your garden!
  4. Skunks are nocturnal, so don’t leave pet food out at night. It is best to feed your pets indoors!
  5. Trim all vegetation in your yards, so there are no places for skunks to make dens.
  6. Get rid of all the debris, excess wood, and rocks. Skunks love eating the insects that live under debris.
  7. Tightly stack all firewood.
  8. Control the rodent population because they are yet another food source for skunks.
  9. Add a barrier fence to close off openings under sheds, decks, or patios so that skunks can’t enter under them.
skunk removal in Markham

Icon Pest Can Help You with Your Skunk Removal in Markham

Icon Pest wants you to live your best life, and that is a PEST-FREE life. Dealing with skunks can be a pain. Contact us to get your free estimate today. Or call us at (647) 325 9060. First-time customers get 10% off any of our services!

With our 25 years of experience in the wildlife removal and pest control industry, we are the experts you need. Icon Pest offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee; your satisfaction is our goal.

Work step-by-step with Icon Pest. We are always available to talk with you about skunk removal in Markham.

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