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Our customer testimonials of wildlife control and skunk removal in Thornhill

In our 25 years in business, Icon Pest and Wildlife Control has consistently delivered exceptional quality and value to our many satisfied customers.  Here is a small sample of or customer testimonials:

“You could see the guys were knowledgeable…they came on time and did the work as promised. excellent service!” – D. Richmond Hill

“ The raccoon was caught and removed…very knowledgeable and professional. The crew was well equipped, punctual, and maintained excellent communication throughout the process … very easy to work with. Would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing similar issues !” – P. Vaughan

“I got in contact with this company and two technicians were at my house the following day. Quick and efficient service. Got rid of the raccoons and fixed the damage on my roof. Thank-you.” –  N. Etobicoke

Skunk Removal Thornhill

Icon Pest & Wildlife Control serves hundreds of residential and business clients seeking skunk removal in Thornhill.  Conveniently located in nearby Richmond Hill, we serve home and business owners who are experiencing problems with pesky skunks, raccoons, squirrels and a wide variety of animals who have set up residence inside their buildings or on their property.

Thornhill has a beautiful natural landscape, full of large parks and woodlands. While the beauty and enjoyment of this natural environment is undeniable, it carries the unfortunate reality of high wildlife nuisance and intrusion. Skunks are a common problem in our communities and the abundance of food waste, fruit trees, fertile laws and lush gardens is a major attractant of these fur bearing creatures.

At Icon Pest, we value and respect our wildlife.  This is why we use only the most humane, safe, non-intrusive techniques in tracking, capturing and removing skunks from your home and property.   Our approach is not only cruelty-free – it  has been proven effective time and time again. 

If you are having difficulty with skunks in your home, underneath your decks or sheds, or burrowing in your gardens and laws, we can help. Call us
(647) 325 9060 to learn more about our wildlife control programs, offered at highly affordable and competitive prices. 


Are skunks dangerous?

Skunks are relatively small creatures, roughly the size of a cat and they are easily recognizable with their black & white striping.

For the most part, skunks are docile animals except when they feel threatened or under attack.  In that sense, yes – skunks can be quite dangerous!

The most natural and common reaction by a frightened skunk is to rely on its key defense mechanism and spray an awful smelling, oil like substance.  Not only does skunk spray smell incredibly foul, it burns your eyes much like tear gas, causes gagging and wheezing and in some cases, nausea and vomiting if the spray is swallowed.   For people with asthma and respiratory challenges, these reactions can be very extreme and it is recommended that medical attention is sought immediately.

Beyond its tendency to spray, skunks have been known to attack and bite.   As known carriers and transmitters of rabies and other viruses, skunk bites can become a health concern for you and your pets.  If you or your pet are scratched or bitten by a skunk, you should seek immediate medical attention.  

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Dog sprayed by a skunk?

Getting skunk spray blasted in the face is a sadly common threat faced by dogs.   Be it dogs are generally curious and do not read the warning signs skunks give before spraying (i.e. stomping their feet, raising their tales and facing their back end towards their target), they are routinely victims of skunk spraying. 

The direct blast of skunk spray also gets into your dog’s eyes and there will be a burning (like tear gas) sensation.  Rinsing your dog’s eyes with cold water should be done immediately. 

Rinsing and washing your dog’s coat is needed. To avoid spreading the oily substance on your dog’s coat, try to focus your washing efforts on only the areas that are sprayed.  Keep your dog outside while washing to avoid spreading the odour inside your home. Multiple washes may be needed. Tomato juice baths and water & vinegar combinations are reported to be helpful.  

In the event your dog starts to vomit or has diarrhea, a vet visit is in order. Research suggests that in high concentrations, skunk spray may damage their internal organs and can be deadly.

As a pet owner, you should be extra cautious when it comes to skunk activity in and around your home.  For assistance, please contact Icon Pest & Wildlife Skunk Removal Thornhill at (647) 325 9060 

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