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Who do I contact for skunk removal in Richmond Hill?

Skunks are recognized as a nuisance to private property.  Their burrowing habits wreak havoc on houses, gardens, under sheds, decks and porches and their digging leaves small, cone-shaped holes everywhere on lawn and garden landscape.   They also present a risk to household pets and humans given defensive instinct to spray, and possibly attack, if feeling threatened or cornered. You would think given these risks, animal services or the municipality would be quick to perform skunk removal in Richmond Hill.  Sadly, this is not the reality.  

Your local municipal office or animal control/ humane society office is not quick to respond to skunk concerns.    It really boils down to priorities.    These departments are focused on animal cruelty situations and dangerous animals that present imminent danger to public safety.  Skunks on your property or in your home are considered a ‘nuisance’ or private ‘disturbance’.  It is unlikely to have city personnel come to your attic to remove a skunk den or raccoon wrestling havoc on your roof.  In some instances, you may have some city support setting traps and possible removal but  the actual response time may be very drawn out.

When it comes to skunk removal service, the private sector is better equipped to handle the matter. Experienced wildlife experts are your best bet for inspecting your property structures, setting traps strategically and sealing entry points to prevent future occurrences.

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Skunk Removal Richmond Hill

Skunk removal requires expertise.   Having grown accustomed to city life, skunks are very capable of avoiding human capture.  The wildlife specialists at ICON PEST & WILDLIFE CONTROL are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to these creatures and understand the skills and tools needed to safety & efficiently capture and remove skunks in Richmond Hill.

We protect our wildlife population while protecting your home and property from wildlife damage and risk.  Our experience of 25 years in this industry gives us an edge over other companies.  Experience enables us to humanely trap unwanted wildlife with minimal disruption to your life.   

We service a wide range of clients and have earned our reputation as being effective, reliable and utmost professionals. Let us take care of your property.  We will trap unwanted wildlife safely and humanely, returning them to their natural habitat. 

Contact Icon Pest and Wildlife Control (647) 325 9060 today for all of your skunk and animal control needs in Richmond Hill.

Are you allowed to trap skunks in Ontario?

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act grants Ontario municipalities rights to protect property by harassing, capturing or killing (if there is immediate threat) a variety of wildlife species.  Skunks fall into the regulation category of ‘fur bearing’ animals which includes racoons, beavers, fox, etc. 

Recognizing that human vs. wildlife conflicts are a common occurrence for private property owners and threats to personal property, you are permitted to hire an agent (such as a licensed Wildlife Removal company) to perform these activities on your behalf.  The definition of ‘agent’ includes:

  • licensed trappers or hunters
  • a member of the property owner’s immediate family 
  • a person whose business is primarily removing problem wildlife
  • municipal employees with specific responsibilities for wildlife control (for example, Animal Services)

Icon Pest & Wildlife Removal Control consists of a team of licensed technicians that are permitted and capable of disrupting skunk dens as well as the capture and release of wild animals including skunks.  We will not kill wildlife. Our priority is safety and humane removal. 

Our pest removal services include

ant extermination, rat removal, mice extermination, cockroach removal, bed bug removal, fly control, pest inspection & treatment and wildlife removal services.

Important facts about skunks

Skunks are easily identifiable by their characteristic black and white stripes and foul odor they emit when they are frightened or threatened in any way.  

  • A single skunk can spray upwards of 5 times in a row
  • A skunk’s scent glands can spray a powerful liquid  of a 2 to 3 meter distance
  • Skunks are prominant carriers of the rabies virus
  • Skunks belong to the weasel family
  • Skunks are nocturnal and highly active at night
  • Striped skunks are roughly the size of an adult house cat
  • They are “family oriented” animals and typically live with their babies or other skunks
  • In late spring to early summer, skunks give birth to 4 to 7 young
  • Select female skunks produce a second litter in the same year

With 25 years of experience dealing with wildlife of every kind, we have the skills and tools necessary to safely and efficiently perform skunk removal in Richmond Hill.  To learn more, please contact Icon Pest & Wildlife Removal at +1 (647) 325 9060

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