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Skunks are very common in Canada and generally recognized as disruptive to private property.  Their burrowing behaviour causes damage to houses just as their digging behaviour damages landscaping.  Additionally, skunks are a recognized safety risk to household pets and children, who are more prone to being bit or physically confronted. 

Yet, while these common disruptions and safety risks are recognized, don’t be surprised if your local municipality or humane society is not quite responsive to your distress call.  Given their assimilation into human habitats and urban living, skunk problems are often treated as a homeowners problem, much like a raccoon in your attic or a pesky squirrel in your shed. 

For quick response and professional removal of skunks in Unionville, your best bet is to contact a reputable, highly experienced wildlife specialist. 
If you have a skunk problem on your residential or commercial property, our professional wildlife removal experts can help. Icon Pest and Wildlife Control is happy to provide a hassle-free, no-obligation service quote at (647) 325 9060

Is skunk spray dangerous? 

Skunks are well known for their ability to spray a foul liquid at quite a distance, nearly 15 feet away!  Roughly the size of a cat, they are tough little animals with highly effective means of evading physical confrontation with their predators and buying them some much-valued time to run away.  
The most common reaction of humans to skunk spray is burning of eyes, gagging, wheezing and nausea.  Skunk spray has a number of volatile chemicals that can cause many negative reactions in humans.The top 3 negative and potentially dangerous side effects of getting sprayed by a skunk include:

  • Temporary Blindness: Skunk spray contains sulphuric acid which causes a temporary blindness in human beings. Irritated, itching and burning eyes should be rinsed out with cold water as soon as humanly possible and may need to be repeated several times to ease the discomfort.  If the pain persists, a doctor’s office visit may be in order.
  • Shortness of Breath / Wheezing: In high concentrations, the noxious skunk spray causes coughing, wheezing and trouble breathing for some, in particular people who have asthma or other repository conditions. This makes getting sprayed by a skunk particularly dangerous for certain people. 
  • Nausea and Diarrhea: While feeling nauseous from the foul odour is quite common, some individuals experience more severe reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea.  


Skunk Removal Unionville

Are you looking for professional skunk removal in Unionville?  Consider Icon Pest & Wildlife Control for your residential and commercial space.

Armed with 25 years of hands-on experience with a large variety of wildlife in Canada, Icon Pest and Wildlife Control professionals are fully equipped to rid your property of skunks, raccoons, squirrels, rodents and more.   Located in York Region, we proudly service clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area including the residents of Unionville. 

Our methods are proven effective, Our approach is 100% humane and our prices are incredibly affordable.  We understand seeing a skunk on your property can be frightening and discovering a skunk in your attic or crawl space is incredibly concerning.  Our team is respectful of your space and equally respectful of our wildlife.  Let us help restore peace & sanity to your home as we relocate these furry friends to a more suitable habitat.   

For a free, no-obligation quote  and treatment options that suit your specific circumstances, give us a call at (647) 325 9060 or email us at  info@iconpest.ca

Is skunk spray harmful to dogs?

Your household pets are at the greatest risk as they are more likely to get sprayed directly in the face and experience vomiting and diarrhea in addition to the human reactions above. In fact, studies have found that high concentrations of the noxious spray from skunks can have severe, even deadly, effects on dogs. If dogs ingest the toxic fumes, these toxins may cause damage to their internal organs.  For this reason, if your dog’s reaction to skunk spray persists and seems severe, an urgent visit to the vet is recommended.  

In addition to getting sprayed, confrontations between dogs and skunks are quite common and skunks will resort to fighting and biting.  As a prominent carrier of rabies, skunks can transmit rabies to dogs via their infected saliva.  In a physical fight, your pet may also be injured. 

For these reasons, dogs should be vaccinated against rabies and protected from skunk encounters to whatever extent possible.  


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