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What is the best approach to skunk removal in Vaughan?

While the internet will offer a wide array of bait & cage DIY techniques, without proper training and protective gear, you may put yourself in a potentially risky situation.  When these animals sense danger, they will have a heightened fear response, putting you in great risk of spray or bite.

At Icon Pest & Wildlife Control, we are committed to delivering best in class service.  What does best-in-class mean to us?

  • It means prompt response.  We provide 24 Hr Emergency Response
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  • It means comprehensive professional service.  Our technicians are true professionals in their field.  They are responsive and knowledgeable.   They will perform a full inspection of your home and property to ensure all wildlife threats and vulnerabilities are properly addressed.

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What to do in a skunk encounter?

If you live in Ontario, you will likely come in contact with a skunk at one point or another.  It is important to know the warning signs and the steps to take to avoid getting sprayed. 

Know the warning signs!  When you are out walking in nature or simply doing yard work in your own backyard, you may encounter a skunk. Given their small stature, they startle and feel threatened quite easily.   This is why when you see a skunk, be sure to back away slowly making every effort not to startle these easily agitated creatures. 

If the skunk makes a hissing sound, stumps its feet, or puts up its tail (possibly points its tail end towards you), the skunk is about to spray. 

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Skunk Removal Vaughan 

Skunks are widespread in Ontario.  They cohabitate our towns and cities,  burrowing underneath our homes, porches, decks, and sheds.  Once they set up residence on your property, they will inevitably cause property damage.  It is therefore crucial to: 

  1. make your home uninviting to skunks and;
  2. quickly address a skunk sighting on your property to prevent a larger problem. 

The most commonly known risk they pose to humans and pets is the foul musk they spray which burns your eyes and throat.  But did you know skunks are one of the most common carriers of rabies? 

If you see or suspect that a skunk living around your home or business, act quickly.  Do not approach or attempt to chase it away as this may trigger a defensive spray response.  A wildlife professional is your best call. 

Skunk-proofing your house and business

When it comes to skunks, deterring them from your property is possible. How can you keep skunks out of your yard and garbage?  Here are some simple tips to keep skunks away:

  • Keep pet food inside your home.  Skunks love the dog and cat food and the bugs they attract when left outside on your deck or porch. Skunks are active at night so any outside pet dishes should be brought indoors before night time. 
  • Secure your household garbage.  There are many garbage and compost bins with tight-fitting ‘animal-proof’  lids on the market.  Keep household garbage inside your locked garage until garbage collection day and ensure they can’t get access to the garbage once you place it outdoors.  You can also spray garbage cans and bins with repellents as an added measure. 
  • Patch the holes and gaps around the foundation of your home. Skunks are fantastic diggers so it is recommended that any fencing and meshing technique is run feet or two under the foundation to completely block their access.  Before you seal up any entry points, be sure to check for skunks and other wildlife like raccoons and squirrels.  Failing to do so may cause an animal to be trapped under or inside your house which is very problematic.
  • Eliminate den site opportunities.   Wood and/or rock piles or any type of piled debris around your home or property attracts skunks seeking to build their den.  Clearing your property from what can easily be used as a ‘home’ for wildlife (for example, old appliances, junk cars, etc.) is highly recommended.  If you find a skunk den on your property, develop a routine of ‘disturbing’ their den by covering up the area with leaves.  The skunk will likely relocate if their den is disturbed time and time again.   

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