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Skunk Removal Newmarket

If you find a skunk or family of skunks under your deck, your shed, or under your home’s foundation, contact us asap for skunk removal in Newmarket.

The costs of hiring a wildlife removal expert are more affordable than you’d expect.  The benefits of a professional service far outweigh the costs as DIY techniques can have hit or miss results, leaving you in the unenviable position of a full blown infestation.

At Icon Pest, we have a passion for the services we deliver!   Skunk deterrence, baiting and trapping and removal requires essential tools and equipment.  Armed with a large fleet of service vehicles, our team arrives fully-equipped to deliver a variety of tested and proven techniques.

ICON PEST AND WILDLIFE CONTROL delivers quick, affordable solutions to hundreds of happy customers each year!   Let us help you with your pest control and wildlife removal needs. 

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How does skunk removal in Newmarket work?

Each wildlife intrusion scenario is different and requires a custom solution that fits your needs and budget.  Here is what is involved in a traditional service call:

  • A thorough inspection is performed by our wildlife specialists to  first determine the type of wildlife present (raccoon vs. skunk vs. possum, etc.)  and the areas in and surrounding your home that they have established habitats. 
  • If a skunk or family of skunks are found to be stuck under your house or any structures on your property, our goal is to capture and remove them as harmlessly as possible.  
  • Clean-up of the area is performed
  • All the main entry points on your property will also need to be sealed and repaired to prevent future entry by skunks and other wildlife.  
  • If required, one-way exit doors will need to be installed at major entry points and removed in follow-up visits.
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Should skunks be removed from your property?

If a skunk or family of skunks are taking up residence inside or outside your property, it is advisable to have them removed for a number of reasons, which includes damage to your property and health and safety risks to you and your family pets. 

Anyone who has had skunks destroy their gardens and yards or worse, if they’ve been directly sprayed or attacked by skunks, will tell you it is a truly horrible experience.   Skunk spray can be very harmful to your pets and young children who are very prone to a bad encounter with these stinky creatures. 

You should absolutely monitor your property for skunks and seriously consider hiring a wildlife expert to professionally remove them asap.  

  • Skunks will damage your lawns and gardens when digging and burrowing for insects and grubs  
  • A foul skunk smell will overwhelm your home and your neighbourhood
  • They are carriers of rabies, ticks and a host of other diseases that threaten your pets
  • They will reproduce quickly and once they have babies, they become very protective and aggressive if disturbed
  • Urine and feces will accumulate quickly and when marking their territory, skunks will spray your lawn, building, doors, etc.  
  • They will rummage through your household garbage and compost bins, leaving trash strewn about 

If you want to prevent skunk dens and spread on your property, it is wise to hire a professional wildlife control company to remove skunks and protect your property from future intrusions.

Hiring Icon Pest & Wildlife Control

Decades of experience in pest and wildlife control place our company above the rest.  Our customer testimonials and 97% Customer Satisfaction rating is evidence of the quality of work we do.  Beyond these reasons, when deciding whether to hire Icon Pest and Wildlife Control for skunk removal in Newmarket, consider:

  • We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our services
  • First-time customers receive 10% off our services
  • We deliver extremely effective wildlife management services 
  • Our pricing is extremely competitive and affordable
  • We respect and treat wildlife humanely
  • Our team is licensed and insured
  • We use proven techniques and do not waste the time on ‘trial and error’ approaches
  • Our control processes are performed in accordance with municipal and provincial by-laws

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