Skunk Removal in Milton

When you find skunks on your property, or worse yet, in your home or business, it is time to call Icon Pest to help with skunk removal in Milton. Dealing with wildlife removal can be a tricky business. Stay safe and hire the experts. No one wants a skunk to spray, bite, or scratch them.

Skunks fall into the category of pests for the intense odour they release and since they often cause issues digging with their sharp claws. You usually notice the digging under stoops, patios, or decks. It is always best to call specialists in these situations since we have the tools, animal behaviour and biology knowledge, and experience to get the job done effectively and humanely.

Most often, we use traps to catch skunks. In most places, one needs to have a permit to set up a trap. Therefore, it is best to leave all traps to the professionals. It is essential to be safe and follow all legal practices when removing wildlife from your property.

skunk removal in Milton
skunk removal in Milton
Skunk Removal in Milton

Skunks are pests due to their odour and digging practices. Their digging can cause damage to a lawn by creating divots and mounds of dirt due to their digging. They often tear up gardens eating fruits and vegetables. Additionally, when digging, they can get into pipes or wiring, causing more extensive damage.

Skunks often burrow in the ground under structures. They look for overhead protection, including places under concrete stoops, slab foundations, and patios. Other areas that offer protection for them include drainage pipes, sheds, decks, and piles of organic debris.

The skunk’s spray is strong and nasty. It can cause eyes to burn and makes people feel like they want to vomit. The time and money spent to deodorize the home can be a nuisance. Working with a professional can never guarantee that a skunk won’t spray, but our techniques and skills give us a much higher success rate than people have on their own!

How to Keep Skunks Away From Your Property

Here are some tips to help prevent skunks in your yard.

  • Feed your pets inside of the house.
  • Make sure all garbage cans have tight fighting lids.
  • Use fencing or mesh screens to close open areas in your foundation or around open spaces like under decks.
  • Eliminate bugs and rodents from your lawn since they are food sources for skunks.
skunk removal in Milton

Learning More About Skunks

The good news is that skunks usually only spray their odour when they feel threatened. It can also happen if they are surprised or if they get startled while eating.

If skunks are digging up your lawn, it most likely is because you have an issue with grubs that damage lawns and golf courses. Properties that are well watered and fertilized may be beautiful, but there are also ideal places for the Japanese Beetle to lay their eggs. When these eggs hatch in the late summer or early fall, grubs galore attract many animals, including skunks.

Skunks have babies annually, and this usually occurs at the beginning of May. On average, four to six skunks are born in. a little, but there may be up to 10. Males usually leave the den in July or August, and the females stay with the moms until springtime.

Skunks are omnivores. As the availability of insects, grubs, mice, birds, frogs, and bird eggs dwindle, they start eating berries and fruits. In the winter months, skunks hunt mice and shrews. They can travel about 1,000 acres regularly looking for food, but they tend to move around less in more urban areas.

Skunks do not hibernate in the winter, but they do become less active. The months they are most active are February into March. Since skunks are nocturnal, they move around at night. Seeing a skunk active during the day could be a sign of rabies. Other symptoms include aggressive behaviour, stumbling, being noisy, and having seizures.

skunk removal in Milton
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