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Why are there so many skunks in my area?

The abundant supply of food brings skunks and other wildlife from their natural habitat to residential areas.  The cold seasons also drive skunks to seek out warm, protective shelter which they often find underneath building structures such as sheds and decks. This ready access to food and shelter makes skunks a common feature of urban life. Given they are active at night, skunks are typically not detected by humans during the day which gives them ample opportunity to sneak inside, establish dens and rummage for food.

In springtime, it’s skunk birthing season. During April and May, female skunks establish dens to live and give birth.  She will dig these dens by herself, underneath a porch, deck or woodpile she deems safe and protected.  Spring is therefore a very active season for skunks. Baby skunks, referred to as kits, are blind and deaf in the first three weeks after birth and require protection.  During this time, the mother is very aggressive in her pursuit of food and towards any perceived threat, increasing the risk of harm and property damage during this time. 

As a homeowner, you will have to be very diligent in identifying skunk activity on your property before they establish their dens. 

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to establish barriers and blocks in and around your property to limit skunk entry.  A professional wildlife control expert can be a valuable resource to you and can guide you through the process.

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Skunk Removal Bradford

ICON PEST AND WILDLIFE CONTROL is a Canadian Company with over 25 years of experience in pest control and wildlife removal.  We provide our services to residential and commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

You can trust the Icon Pest and Wildlife Control team with all your pest control and wildlife removal needs.  We offer the following incentives for our services, confident that you will find our services Budget-Friendly, Efficient, and 100% Effective.

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  • We will not just remove your current wildlife intruder but go above and beyond to protect your home or business from future wildlife invasion

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How do we deliver skunk removal in Bradford?

Our wildlife removal specialists are very knowledgeable and understand skunk behaviors and motivations, including their preferred hiding and den spots.  

  • Our service begins with a thorough inspection of your property to locate any and all entry & exit points for skunks and other invasive wildlife.
  • Once we have identified skunk habitats and feeding sites on your property, we will strategically lay traps to entice and capture skunks. 
  • Our commitment to ethical treatment of animals means that our techniques are humane, safe, and do not cause any unnecessary stress to the animal.  
  • We relocate skunks to more suitable habitats, away from your home. 
  • We protect your property from future entry.
Where do skunks hide?

Knowing where skunks live and hide in and around your home or property is valuable and can help you protect your property from skunk damage.   Skunks locate themselves near access to food and water, which usually means in close proximity to humans.  They seek out clever hiding spots inside and outside building structures. Here are some of the common hiding spots:

  1. Under Decks and Porches:  This is often an easy entry point for a skunk given the clearance underneath these structures.  
  2. Under Sheds and Building Additions: These structures are ideal den spaces for skunks given they provide privacy and protection from being detected. 
  3. Garages: Open garage doors are very inviting to skunks as they wander and roam on your property.  Access to food waste commonly kept in garages makes them appealing to skunks.
  4. Wood and Debris Piles: Stacked woodpiles around your property are very inviting as protected dens. They will usually dig beneath the pile for added insulation.
  5. Tall Grass and Shrubs: These areas provide abundant access to food (grubs, worms in the dirt) and camouflage for their dens. 



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